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At Cleveland-Cliffs, we care deeply about the communities in which we operate, and where our employees live and work. Our goal is to be a responsible corporate citizen that acts as a partner in solving Betfredcommunity challenges and helping our communities thrive. Our community outreach focuses on investing in education, improving the environment, and supporting healthy and vibrant communities. Through these focus areas, we have formed partnerships with schools, community organizations, neighborhood groups and other charities.

The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation

The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation

The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation was established in 1962 and has been a dedicated resource for charitable giving activities in the United States for over 60 years.

The mission of The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation is to have a positive impact in the areas where Cleveland-Cliffs operates by partnering with and investing in non-profit organizations that enhance educational opportunities, protect and improve the environment, promote human health, and support vibrant communities.

Our Areas of Focus

Cleveland-Cliffs and our philanthropic Foundation invest in programs that serve the communities where we operate and meet betfred sportsbook reviewone of our focus areas:


Partnering with organizations that build skills, including STEM skills, across all age groups; preparing a ready workforce; and increasing employment opportunities for community members.


Supporting organizations that protect and restore the environment through land and water restoration, creating green spaces, and promoting sustainable communities and natural areas.

Healthy & Vibrant Communities

Working to build healthy, safe, vibrant communities by providing services and creating opportunities for underserved populations; funding programs that promote healthy lifestyles and combat disease; and investing in community-improvement initiatives led by arts, cultural and civic institutions.

Spotlight: $3.0 Million to Address Food Insecurity

Cleveland-Cliffs and The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation continues to address food insecurity as one of its key areas of social responsibility.

In February 2024, Cleveland-Cliffs employees donated more betfred gamesthan 295,000 pounds of non-perishable food items during the annual Souper Bowl Food Drive. To complement our employees’ generosity, The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation donated $500,000 to 45 organizations working with individuals and families who are food insecure.

In the past four years, The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation has invested more than $3.0 million in cash contributions to support food insecurity in communities throughout the United States and Canada where the company operates.


“Many continue to struggle to put food on the table in our communities as the pandemic continues. This gift from the Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation will enable us to continue our mobile donations.”


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Scholarships & Awards

Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program

The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation offers a Sons and Daughters Scholarship to graduating high school seniors. To be eligible for the competitive scholarship, a student must be in his or her final year of high school and the child, stepchild, or adoptive betfred sportsbook reviewchild of a full-time employee of Cleveland-Cliffs, or of an affiliate or a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs.

The Sons and Daughters Scholarship is a competitive scholarship awarding $3,000 annually, for a maximum of four years while enrolled in an undergraduate institution. The scholarship program is administered by the College Now and no employees of Cleveland-Cliffs are involved in the selection process. Employees with high school seniors graduating in Spring 2025 should watch for details regarding the scholarship opportunity in December 2024. Please note that children of officers of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (the public company) are not eligible for the scholarship program.

Scholarships are intended to recognize and reward outstanding high school academic and non-academic achievement, and to provide financial assistance to scholars pursuing a bachelor's degree. Scholarships will be awarded to students betfred reviewsattending either an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university as outlined in the application procedures.

Louie F. Cox Memorial African American Scholarship

The Louie F. Cox Scholarship benefits African American students who live or will graduate from a high school located in Butler or Warren Counties in Ohio. The $20,000 scholarship strives to recognize and reward outstanding high school academic and non-academic achievements, and to provide financial assistance to deserving scholars pursuing a bachelor’s degree on a full-time basis from an accredited U.S. state or private not-for-profit college or university. No preference is given to Cleveland-Cliffs employees or their children. Association with Cleveland-Cliffs or its subsidiaries is not a condition of eligibility.